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ABC Legacy 2015

ABC Legacy’s Mission is to prepare today's Millennials and Generation Z for the promises and challenges of an increasingly interconnected technological world including the dangers of technology addiction. With a “Live Your Legacy NOW” process that takes students from passion to purpose, and idea to impact, ABC Legacy Millennial Incubator provides the space for an "In the Gap" year program. Participants come to be inspired, focused and effective through technology awareness, mindfulness practices and entrepreneurial skills as they work directly with mentors to create their own social change initiatives. ABC Legacy is committed to lighting candles in the minds of the future leaders of the world and helping them ignite a positive collaborate impact on society.

There are different options within the Incubator. College students apply for Internships. High School students can choose to participate in Junior / Senior Projects while in school, and the In the Gap program when not in college. All members of ABC Legacy will learn about the non-profit organization TextLess Live More and contribute to its growth for it models the process:

Technology detox (TextLess) leads to mindfulness (Live More) thus opens one's vision and mind to work creatively and collaboratively with clarity and attention to solve the world's problems. (Merritt's Way). The first problem is texting and driving.

Susan Reynolds’ and the interns’ offices are located in Wheelhouse, and the Student Incubator is upstairs in the Bradford Mill office space. More information about the space at bradfordmill.com

Internships (January 2015)

ABC seeks college students interested in learning the Live Your Legacy NOW cycle in order to facilitate their own impact initiatives, as well as work with high school juniors and seniors. In the winter and spring of 2015, interns will also collaboratively create and pilot the In the Gap program.

 Junior/Senior Projects (February 2015)

Junior and Senior projects are an opportunity to move through Live Your Legacy Now cycle from passion to purpose and idea to impact. Seniors may link this with their Senior Projects and receive 2.5 credits. There will be seminars and the opportunity to be a member of ABC Legacy second semester.  The interdisciplinary curriculum for the projects asks: "Do I dare disturb the Universe? Do I dare to make a difference?" and then leads the student through a process to create a project with an impact.

One project that ABC Legacy seeks students for is an awareness campaign about the "Sexual Assault” and “Sexual Ambivalence Crisis" on College Campuses. The campaign will be targeted to incoming freshmen. This is a pro-active way to raise the awareness of incoming college freshman nationally, but also spotlight the positive things that colleges like Dartmouth are doing in regard to these issues.

In the Gap (September 2015)

The program is "In the Gap" because not everyone plans a "Gap Year." Some people decide that their college is not working and they take some time in the gap. There are two components. 

It has two components. First, it Invites the student into the Live Your Legacy NOW progression from Passion to Purpose and Idea to Impact. Students embark on a Hero's Quest and ask the bigger existential questions "Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?" as they work together in a 12-week program with other students, college interns and professional mentors. In the less abstract the questions are "How do I find my passion and my purpose? How do I make a difference and an impact?" The most concrete questions are, "Where do I want to go to college? What do I want to study?" 

Curriculum includes:
1. Technology Awareness including a detox retreat
2. Mindfulness Practices including mindfulness, yoga and hiking
3. Live Your Legacy Now from passion to purpose; idea to impact

During the 12 weeks students will also plan the rest of their time In the Gap with options of travel, internships, non-profit work, coding, and/or adventure. While at the Bradford Mills, mini internships and seminars will be held with different businesses, authors, entrepreneurs and artists in addition to an In the Gap Curriculum. Students will learn and work in the collaborative Wheelhouse environment with mentors, interns and other students. One may also choose to travel first, and then return to the 12 week program in Feb.

The second component is when not in the formal program students are members of their cohort and incubator. This is the physical space in Concord, as well as a virtual community accessible from anywhere one may be during their time away from Concord, whether trekking in Nepal or working in Boston.

After the completion of the course, students may choose from a number of programs, or create their own. The incubator is a home base for students when they return from weeks or months in other areas, with service projects, internships, travel abroad, etc. The Incubator serves as a community to share ideas and projects, social change initiatives, new companies, or other creative endeavors as they prepare for their freshman year or next stage in life. College counseling, application preparation, and testing strategies will also be available to students.

Live Your Legacy NOW 

From ABC Legacy Internships, Senior Projects, Gap Years; to Start-Ups, High Tech, and Innovation Centers; as well as schools, after-school, and community groups.

The Cycle: 

“When you're working on a start-up or creative idea, a book proposal or a campaign, and things are moving fast, it's intoxicating. We don't want to stop, we think we're in the zone, but we may be in a technology dopamine high. We need to stop and breathe, even if we don't want to. 

In order to move from passion to purpose, idea to impact, we need to take the tech breaks and practice mindfulness to focus and attend, integrate and synthesize. Emptiness helps us get in touch with our intuitive, creative self. Once we settle, BREATHE, and ease back into the parasympathetic nervous system, we can go back to the technology."

Technology: You get jangly, distracted, and ineffective. It's too much technology, too much information. Creative start up juice has run amuck. 

No Technology: You MUST close that laptop and step away from the computer. Leave your phone and go for a walk. Get outside.  Change your environment.

Mindfulness Practice: Go to your yoga studio. Meditate. Walk in nature. Run. Bike. Swim. Clear your head, and become quiet, spacious, empty so you can hear your own thoughts. Stay away from the technology for awhile. Digital Detox for an hour, a day, a weekend, a week, or longer.

Creativity:  Intuition bubbles up. Collaborate face to face. Bounce ideas off each other. Write your ideas. Talk about them. Read a book. Sit and ponder. Passion to Purpose. Idea to Impact. Mind Map. Sketch on the whiteboard. Make a plan of action.

Technology: Then go back to Technology and use it mindfully, until you get all jangly, distracted and overwhelmed, and the process starts again.

Entrepreneurs, students, high tech employees, actually most people need a visual of the cycle to put right on their computers phones and iPads. It is too easy to work 24/7 with the demands of 24/7 connectivity. 

Reading along with research and curriculum to support the cycle:

Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Focus by Dan Goleman
Power of Now by Eckert Tolle (or equivalent mindfulness book)
The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence by Deepak Chopra
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
Breaking Out by John Butman
How To Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and their Big Ideas by David Bornstein
Dragonfly Effect: Social Media to Drive Social Change by Jennifer Aaker

Long Range Vision

Cape Town Wheelhouse/Business Community with Artscape (2017)
ABC Legacy Incubator for South African and International students

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